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My Friend owns every car guy's dream home!

If car guys designed a home, it would literally have the bare necessities to be classed as a home and a giant garage. Well, a good friend of mine owns exactly that!

On a random street, somewhere in Louisville, Kentucky sits a very normal looking shotgun home. Originally a 1 bed, 1 bath house, with nothing from the front to suggest it's any different from the rest of the street.

Out of respect for the owner, I won't be showing the "living area" of this house, just since there's some renovations in progress. But inside, it's a very normal renovated house, something you'd expect to see regularly in a metro area on Zillow. It's what's behind the house that you don't expect! A TEN CAR GARAGE.

Ok, it's not actually a 10 car garage (anymore). The owner decided the mature thing to do was to extend the living space into the garage a little and add another bedroom & bathroom. But it's still easily a 6-8 car garage, depending on the choice of vehicles.

And on the subject of "choice of vehicles" Sid (the owner) has a very distinguished taste in cars. Namely the 28ft Cadillac Limousine slammed on 15" Daytons...

The question now is, what would you fill this garage with? I also shot a quick video touring the place, you can check that out below:

The specs on the garage originally were 25x80' and now with the bedroom addition it's around 25x60'! Still plenty of room for activities!

Also make sure to check out the owner's podcast 'The Dang Show' on spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/7hgN5Zu4JQhR3oDGDgigeL

Written By - Liam Eyles

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