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THE Car Show to Attend in 2021!

Well obviously it's already passed, but if there were one show to attend every year - Riverside Spring Meet would be it! In fact, it's technically not even a show! 2021 is the 6th year anniversary of the Riverside Spring Meet, over the years this show has grown into such an attraction for the midwest car scene and year after year it makes for the perfect season starting event! I remember the first time I heard/saw of Riverside, right after the first event in 2016 I saw so many posts on Instagram of crazy cars in this unique venue. I thought to myself "damn, I should have gone to that, next year I won't miss it" and sure as shit, the next year I made sure I attended! 5 years later and it's still the top of my list of events to attend!

Now, Riverside is technically not a "show" (even though by the caliber of cars it would appear one of the best shows), it's actually just a meet! Similarly to how Simply Clean in Daytona Beach is a "meet", it's still pre-selected and approved cars, there's just no trophies! It's pretty much just a cool venue filled with even cooler cars and most importantly, true enthusiasts sharing their passions with each other! By taking away the accolades it helps deter some of the competitiveness or egos that come along with the prizes, making for a much more inclusive experience! After all, who builds a car for a trophy?! That's lame.

The variety of vehicles displayed at Riverside is also a MAJOR talking point for this show (sorry I can't help but call it a show). There is everything from -20° cambered Miatas to purpose built track cars. Laid out luxury slabs to hot dog trucks (there was literally a wiener truck in attendance). It's crazy to attend an event with not only such a diversity, but also every genre and subgenre being to the highest standards! I can honestly say in my 5 years of living in the US, I have never been to an event on the same level as Riverside!

There's also some really great dogs.

The organisers of Riverside have always done a phenomenal job of just focussing on creating the best event possible. It isn't about money or recognition, it's purely "how can we provide the best experience possible" and the event really speaks for that! Without this show, I would have never discovered Chattanooga, it would have just been that town with a weird name... But I came to this show 5yrs ago, experienced Chattanooga and ever since it has been a dream of mine to move here! This summer I will officially be moving to Chattanooga, thank you Riverside!

I think one of the biggests appeals for me as a photographer or artist, is that this city provides so many interesting locations for shooting. It's an old industry town with tons of cool abandoned or renovated old buildings! Also the challenges of the venue - working around the light coming through the open sided pavillion and the crowds of people at the event makes getting the shot so much more rewarding. Each year this meet has allowed so many incredible artists the chance to come to light with their talents! After each year I get put on to so many new photographer's work and it's just awesome to see this event be able to provide not only a platform for the owners of the cars, but the guys putting these shows on the map in the first place - the photogs!

Ok so let's list off all the pros of this event; high caliber cars from all genres, genuine enthusiasts, very photogenic venue, support of local businesses, variety of amazing vendors and it's FREE. Yes I forgot to mention up until this point, this meet is FREE to attend as a spectator. Literally what more could you ask for?

Whether you're a photographer, a car owner, just an enthusiast, all of the above, or none of the above... this event has something for everyone! This is the type of event you'd attend as a 10yr old, and fall in love with cars for the rest of your life!

I am very excited for Riverside 2022, like I said, this show should be at the top of everyone's list of events to attend each year! Thank you to Mason, Karley and the whole team at Riverside for all their hard work!

Huge shoutout to Andrew @crisp.media on IG for shooting this coverage for me! Go check out his work and schedule a photoshoot with him! Here's the vlog from the event with some cinematic shots from Jello Media also!

And just for good measure, here's some disposable camera photos I took over Riverside weekend to keep for memories!

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