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That BUSSIN' Mustard FRS

It's 2021 and you'd think by now we would have moved on from the cliché 86, widebody, big camber builds... WRONG! They're very much still around and don't seem to be going anywhere. But in such a saturated market of bleh, how do you stand out? Well I believe Evan Mount may have figured that out and although the somewhat controversial color plays a big part in it, there's many details that separate this 86 from others!

So first off, I've known of Evan for a few years and we've become good friends through business over the past 2yrs. Throughout the years Evan has built some very clean cars and when I saw him jump on the 86 platform I was honestly a little disappointed. I had hoped he would turn his attention to something more deserving! But after seeing this thing start to take shape on a set of SSR Koenigs, my skepticism was quickly overcome!

In its current form the car sits on Work Emotion T7R 2P wheels finished in Gunmetal with Anodized Bronze barrels. Which I feel suits the car much better than the previous Blue/Brushed Koenigs. The color tones fit nicely against the Yellow paint and somehow manages to pull off a more "subdued" look than before!

Now I say "subdued" like this thing isn't bussin' off the fucking screen right now, but compared to the contrast of the blue wheels before, the Bronze finish actually helps the car to calm down a little. Amongst the wild color scheme, aggressive body lines and thicc hips, this car actually does a great job of not being "too much".

" A big pile of poopoo mustard" - Evan Mount

But there are so many details about this car that I feel would go unnoticed if not pointed out! Although any good show car should have hidden particulars, it's nice to showcase them when given the opportunity. The most important detail to talk about is the Rally Backer V2 widebody kit!

First thing you will (or might not) notice is that there isn't a single piece of visible hardware anywhere on the car! Although the kit is not technically "molded" all of the hardware has been shaved. The execution is super clean, but it still maintains the aggressive body lines of the of the kit! Also the duckbill wing has been molded to the trunk!

Upfront there's a few little carbon details, including a full carbon hood with just the vents left exposed and these cool carbon fender gills! Also a set of ganador mirrors ties in the GT feel of this car nicely!

Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room, or I should say the giant fucking honey bee buzzing around the room... The color. When Evan initially showed me the paint sample of this color and his options, I immediately told him do not pick the one with all the flake, it's too much.

Well, guess which one he picked? The one with all the flake.

I personally feel that crazy flake has its place in darker colors, but when it's already a bright color, it doesn't need the flake to help it pop! BUT, I will 100% admit I was so wrong in this case, this car under the right lighting looks INSANE!

I'm not sure on the specific paint code, or what beehive they stole shit from to create this wizardry... But I have come up with my own name for this color - 'BUSSIN MUSTARD' because that shit BUSSIN'.

Now it shouldn't go unmentioned that this build is not just exterior aesthetics, the interior is filled with goodies from the likes of ShirtsTuckedIn, Likewise and Club Street Hate! Evan has definitely continued the GT theme inside the car, with the half cage in the rear completing the look!

Now of course, without meaning to state the obvious, the car doesn't need a cage or bucket seats. But as a style heavily influenced by motorsports, it fits the build nicely!

Now without dragging this article out forever, I'll summarise and let you guys look at more cool pictures because I know that's what you want to see!

Evan has done a fantastic job of creating a car that stands out amongst a crowd of clout boasting, crazy and yet incredibly boring 86 builds. This car didn't need big camber, it didn't need flashy wheels, it honestly didn't even need the bright color to stand out... it could've been painted black and I believe it would still garnish the same respect! Hats off to Evan for sticking to a consistent theme, ignoring others input and doing EXACTLY what he had envisioned for this platform! It's people like Evan that inspire younger enthusiasts to build for themselves and not what the internet thinks is "cool".

Evan's brand Deviant - @deviant.usa on IG



- RallyBacker V2 Widebody Kit (with custom hidden hardware)

- Custom Kandy Paint

- RallyBacker Rear Diffuser

- Custom Molded Trunk Duckbill

- VLand Headlights

- Custom Ganadors w/ Faction Motorsports Mount

- Carbon Fiber Fog Light Bezels

- Tri Bar Taillights

- Vland Diffuser Light

- Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood

- TRD Carbon Fiber Fender Canards


- Work Wheels T7R2P

- Bronze Lip GTS Silver Face

- 18x11 -30 225/40 Federal 595

- 18x12.5 -53 265/35 Federal 595


- ClubStreetHate Steering Wheel

- Auto Power Roll Cage (custom added X-Brace)

- Shirts Tucked In seats

- Custom Galaxy Headliner

- We Are Likewise Shifter


- Airlift 3P

- Racer X FLCA’s

- Racer X Extended Tie Rods

- Slotted Bags

- Racer X Rear Tor Arms


- SPL Traction Arms


- Unequal Length Headers

- Invidia Over Pipe

- Tsudo Catback Exhaust w/ Muffler

Photos and write up by Liam Eyles.

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